INSECTICIDE GROUP 17 A wettable powder systemic contact and stomach insect growth inhibitor (IGI) for the control of American and potato leafminers in tomatoes, green beans and potatoes as well as fungus gnat and mushroom flies in cultivated mushrooms. Box CH-4002 Basel Switzerland Phone: +41 61 323 11 11. Effective against most insect species on all life stages: eggs, larvae and adults A capsule suspension insecticide, with a quick knock-down effect on for control of several insects both chewing and sucking … DO NOT apply if rain is expected within 6 hours. USA Paul Minehart Tel: +1 202 737 8913. Media Office. Contact, residual and stomach action-ensures control whether or not the pest is directly hit or sprayed. We are developing seeds that require less water and products that will allow crops to grow in dry conditions. Sign up to receive reports on insect and disease … Syngenta is a global, science-based agtech company with 28,000 employees in 90 countries – find out everything you need to know at a glance. (-) Remove Carrot filter Carrot (-) Remove Triticale filter Triticale Barley (1) Apply Barley filter Broccoli/Calabrese (1) Apply Broccoli/Calabrese filter Brussels sprout (1) Apply Brussels sprout filter Cabbage (1) Apply Cabbage filter Cauliflower (1) Apply Cauliflower filter Combining Peas (1) Apply Combining Peas filter Edible podded peas (1) Apply Edible podded peas filter Get contact details & address of companies engaged in wholesale trade, manufacturing and supplying Syngenta Insecticide, Actara Insecticide, Durivo Insecticide across India. Has a quick knock-down and repellence effect on pests. Syngenta Flowers is dedicated to the breeding innovative flower varieties that offer outstanding performance in the professional greenhouse, at retail, in the landscape and in the home garden. KARATE ZEON provides rapid knockdown control of key insect pests including Redlegged Earth Mite, Cockchafers, Aphids, Budworms, Cutworms, Thrips, Loopers, Diamond Back Moth and Cabbage White Butterfly. (-) Remove Gout fly filter Gout fly (-) Remove Pod midge filter Pod midge (-) Remove Whitefly filter Whitefly Aphids (2) Apply Aphids filter Beet leaf miner (2) Apply Beet leaf miner filter Cabbage stem flea beetle (2) Apply Cabbage stem flea beetle filter Carrot fly (2) Apply Carrot fly filter Caterpillars (2) Apply Caterpillars filter Cutworm (2) Apply Cutworm filter Product Name: KARATE INSECTICIDE with ZEON TECHNOLOGY EPA Registration Number(s):100-1097 Ingredients not precisely identified are proprietary or non-hazardous. Ridomil Gold controls soil and leaf diseases in a number of crops including vegetables, grapes, citrus, Syngenta plays a critical role in harnessing the power of plants to meet these challenges. Posted 1 month ago. For ground or aircraft application with water: KARATE ZEON mixes readily with hard or soft water. "); Find here Syngenta Insecticide, Actara Insecticide wholesaler & Wholesale Dealers in India. It is one of the most potent compounds. In extremely alkaline water (pH 9) spray immediately after mixing.For ULV (ultra low volume) application with oil: It is recommended that KARATE ZEON is mixed with a mineral spraying oil. Active ingredient. Agitate while spraying.