Half my hair is virgin (which still has a green tint to it now) and the other half is pale green turquoise. A bleach bath is formulated in a slightly different way to make it a more gentle way to use bleach. When doing a bleach bath with water to remove ash tones.the best way to apply bath? A good tip to check if your colour removal is going to be successful is to dip a strand of hair in low volume peroxide. Claire from Lincolnshire, UK on May 08, 2018: Thank for sharing this helpful information. Hair that is lightened with a bleach bath needs the same care that you'd give it if you'd used a full bleach. I've used color oops twice, and the vitamin c + clarifying shampoo treatment twice. I read online that I can dilute the 40 vol. It just depends on how well it lifted and how dark your hair was prior to use. I eventually want a level 5 hair and put in some golden bayalage highlights just don't know if that is possible on dyed hair. You have to wait a week before bleaching after using colourB4, in some cases it works but in others the chemicals in bleach can reverse the effect and your hair will go to the colour that you had before you used the colour remover. My bleached and dyed hair needs a breath of fresh air... Just a quick question (removing black dye). I also have curly hair so it somehiw looks spottier. As I have gray anyways would like to not have to bleach and tone my roots all the time. It lightened nicely to white in most places (which is what I'm going for) and evened it out a bit but where the pink was and some spots in the middle of my length sill have some yellow. Also, as for the mixing of dyes, it's best only to mix dyes of the same line and brand. I've a balanage colour, which I then put Superdrug's 'temporary' turquoise Colour Freedom on - 3 months ago. Used on anything darker than pale yellow hair, it generally has no effect. Like you can't tell. To prepare a bleach bath, you can start by mixing bleach powder and peroxide up as usual. I enjoy sharing knowledge about the science of hair coloring and hair care. I have been dying my hair blonde intense red and I could no longer find my hair dye and used one that left my hair dark red, not good. This illustrated guide will tell you what to do and what to be careful about. They do have a medium ash blonde that is green-based though, and you can mix this into another shade as needed. Is there anything to do to fix that?? or Ash? You can lift for a few minutes and this will lighten it slightly without turning it bright orange, but lightening always reveals warmth and the colour is still going to be tinged with this warm tone unless you tone it afterward, which would unfortunately darken it back up to what it was. Now my own roots are coming back in and so i have my own beautiful silver roots plus some dark number 5 roots that is my normal natural colour before i went silver plus its all a bit salt and peppery looking. The main differences arise from the fact that shampoo is added to the bleach mixture, it is applied to wet hair, and it is generally mixed up with a lower volume of peroxide. I've never had a problem. If additional color removal is needed, be certain to check hair condition, texture and porosity. A bleach bath will tend to lighten up your existing hair colour but it might also affect your natural color so be very careful while making use of it. I've tried Vit C & Head & Shoulders multiple times which lightens it but doesn't remove it. Because this is where the previously dyed hair ends, this is where snapping will generally occur if the hair is over-processed. Very sensitive scalp here so even when I wish a bold fantasy color bleaching it to blond its not an option. If I use a 40 vol peroxide cream with a permanent light copper dye to dark brown hair ,will it lift it 4 shade lighter or is it best to do a bleach bath first ? I have tried ash conditioning toners, but every time i wash it it seems to get more and more ginger. It is safer to do it in stages. Then I would like to do lighter neutral honey highlights. You can also apply a golden shade, one level lighter than the ends with a small amount of red as a toner to reverse the greenish tone if you want to get rid of it. In this case however, hair dye remover is much more effective and a bleach bath should not be used unless the dye remover fails to lift enough of the color out. I dont want to go back to her unless i have a definite plan for her to follow. I usually use cool shades of the Ion brand. Bleach is an extremely useful tool for dyeing your hair as it's the only product that can lighten hair substantially. Bleach is drying, and dry hair is more susceptible to damage from heat and styling. There are a few different colours in your hair and each colour will react differently to the ash, so the lighter the dye, the less likely it is to over-tone any area. I also toned it with blonde brilliance's platinum toner. A bleach bath or bleach wash is a milder alternative to this process. Kinds of Bleach. Anyway, without trying to confuse you, it will change the shade you need to use if your hair definitely is a level 8. Just concentrate on refreshing my highlights or graduating to a balayage. I am going to bookmark this hub for future use. One way to do this is to bleach it, and this should only take one process using 20 vol, assuming you haven't applied any dark dyes to your hair in the past which would decrease the lightening. You might like the colour, but be prepared to follow up with a new shade of red just in case. I been doing deep conditioning with coconut oil and olive oil. It's not very temporary & I still have it. This means you will see the base lighten, as well as further lightening in the highlights. I took a lot of the color out with a vitamin c treatment, dyed over an ash brown, then let my natural hair color (darkest ash blonde) grow in for months. Bright orange can tone to light brown, whilst you should aim for more of a golden orange colour for a result closer to dark blonde. Thank you thank you thank you in advance for any advice!!! Then 6 weeks later she talked me into further foils - a whole head of Inoa semi permanent foils consisting of once again low lights and highlights. It is safer to do it in stages. I've been reading through your articles and if I had a magic wand and could have my hair exactly like that of a favorite picture, I'd pick the last picture on your Best Hair Repair Treatments Article. Shall I strip my hair? Another option with Wella Koleston is to use the 033 concentrate and mix a tiny amount into your ash blonde shade to add a small amount of green tone. Also, I'm sorry to hear about your illness and hope you're heading towards recovery. Hi, I had bleached hair and a few years ago went red (ion color brilliance permanent) after my twins were born I went back to bleached cause it's so much easier to maintain. I then used a schwarzkofp dark as blonde, and that was great. Unlike a regular bleach, the intended use of a bleach bath to strip out remaining colors or provoke gentle lightening means that the product won't need to be left in the hair too long, and it can be washed out as soon as the desired result is produced, or left in for 20–30 minutes for greater lightening. Maffew James (author) on August 10, 2015: That's correct about the yellow being the only pigment left in your hair. I've used One color at a time, just lightening it more instead of just touching up my roots. Few things to note if you are going to use OOPS Hair Color Remover: 1) It does stink. My hair is naturally dark brown and I had not dyed my hair for about 2 years, getting regular trims every 6-8 weeks so my hair had grown a lot and was in great condition. These treatments will help strengthen your hair as well as reduce porosity. Should I do a bleach bath on just the green then use a regular due on on my regrowth once I get the green all the out? I will try your suggestions on the stronger Toners. This one-step solution works within 30 minutes to take off permanent … Hello, I need some hair advice. Anyway, with regard to bleaching, I think the best case scenario is a reddish orange colour that's going to be very damaged and most likely quite patchy. Can I do a bleach bath with 1 part bleach, 2 parts 40 vol diluted with distilled water, and 1 part shampoo? The dye you'd be using will still tone it effectively if it is, but the colour result is going to also be slightly darker. I bleached it twice and it obviously was a bit uneven all over, then I waited too long to do my regrowth so I had an uneven band there. So the only developer I have left is 40 vol. It works really perfect to me. It only removed artificial colour pigments only. As for the toning itself, you may find that a good silver shampoo is adequate for this, especially if you decide to highlight. If your hair is indeed a level 6, this is about the level in the picture. I wanted a more silvery color so I used Wella T18 with a 10 volume peroxide. Not much has changed except on the top of my head of course. or do I need to wash my hair after the bleach bath with a purple shampoo to neutralise and orange,copper or ginger tones before I use the Box Ash Blonde Permanent colour?? Also, thank you for letting me know that I won't need to bleach ( because I'm not trying to go lighter but instead to get rid of the orange I just need to just tone with the dye, if I understand correctly). My Colorist had my hair a beautiful Ivory blond just top half of my head underneath is still my virgin dark brown. I bleached again with 30 volume and got pale yellows, white and still some orange. How to Bleach Bath Hair. I was wanting to bleach wash my hair to lift the color and then eventually do an overall medium brown color. Hi I currently have been using a red permanent hair colour for several months on my medium to dark blonde hair and now want to try a golden blonde colour. There's no actual issue with your hair and if you're perfectly happy with how light it is and just want to neutralise the yellow, you'll need a darker toner like the one's I've mentioned. My natural colour is a dark brown with red in it ( my sisters are red heads) I only used to was it once a week, and it was in fantastic condition....always had compliments. You can foil the dye in as lowlights and then apply a 7 or 8 ash dye to the rest of the hair to tone that whilst the rest darkens to preserve the highlights. I will continue to read through your articles on my hair coloring, root-touching-up, and just basically hair-care-journey, as they are filled with invaluable information that is so greatly appreciated:) I hope people are doing good onto you as you are onto others with your patience, valuable time, and expertise. However she chose lowlights that were the colour of a caramel toffee and the highlight was a white blond. I'd like to hear what @Jude thinks as I owe all of my successful hair modifications to her posts :D, I don't think it's a good idea honestly, any hair is better than no hair.. X. it is never a good idea to bleach black dyed hair. Perhaps you could do the colour remover outside. I think it'll be fine as long as it's light enough to get pretty purple because I don't mind if it's more purple in some spots I just don't want it to be purple in only some spots. Eg, if your toner was a 9A and this wasn't effective enough, use an 8A instead. Eg, a permanent dye mixed with 30 vol developer will generally lift up to 3 levels, so if you had level 3 hair and applied a level 7 dye, it's more likely it will take it to about a level 6 at lightest. If you bleach, technically this can help if you're able to strip out all of the orange and get your hair to gold or yellow, but if you do this, you now have blonde hair. Tone with a semi-permanent medium ash blonde (7A). Also, as I originally wanted natural color hair with highlights and with the pesky copper coming back through, is it possible to get the caramel highlights I have been wanting?? I'm not sure if Light Ash Brown would have been better since I'm aiming for same or darker than my current shade, which is a 6, or they about the same? You could go with 60ml (2oz) of powder, 90ml-120ml (3-4oz) of developer, and then add shampoo until the volume of product roughly doubles. Take a cotton swab, dip it in the bleach, and rub it on the inside of your elbow. I just wanted it out. My salt is almost white. Please help me :-). The lightest dye you have used won't necessarily be how light your hair is, but this is possible. Let it set and then washed it out with another round of the clarifying shampoo. Good work! I love her hair!! A toner can be a permanent or semi-permanent colour which has the … I'm hoping to bleach virgin roots (level 5) and do a bleach bath on already bleached hair (level 9) to bring everything to a level 10. My first step was to remove the dark color from my hair slowly as to have the least amount of damage because i have thin fine hair. My natural color is dirty blonde. Also, if so, how much distilled water should i add?thank you :) oh by the way the bleach bath is just for my ends and half way up my hair because it's still a little darker than it needs to be. It cleans the slate, but bleach is bleach. It's a little past shoulder length now. So I actually had a 6a toner and did a test strip, It didn't seem to take which makes me think my hair is at a level darker then they mentioned. I'm doing vinegar washes and letting it air dry to coax the cuticle down. Pleeaasse correct me if you disagree with anything that follows: Since my hair has been dyed, I am going to do the double process with 1 part bleach (Igora) and 2 parts 20 vol developer, wait until it becomes a bright orange, rinse, shampoo 2x, and dye it with Matrix socolor in Dark Ash Blonde and rinse when I see the desired shade. As for the highlights, will you be able to separate them out? De Lorenzo's Cool Naturals shampoo may help, as that is actually designed for maintaining ashy brown hair, rather than for use on blonde. Give it a test on orange areas and if it doesn't tone, add a little more until it does. The more you rinse the better your results. It moves, swells, and drips more readily than regular bleaching. A week is a good minimum time frame between bleach applications. It's great for after bleaching and dyeing because these processes increase the pH of your hair and the acidity will help correct it back to what it should be. Rather than bleach all your hair, you can also highlight it to achieve a similar effect. To add to this, I have an undercut (for surgery last year) which accidentally got some bleach on it so has a few orange spots among the virgin hair (which is growing back much darker than the rest, apparently from anaesthetic shock). I recommend this method. As you mentioned there were a few different colours in your hair, is that the darkest colour in your hair that's a level 6, or the overall look of the colour? The application of a bleach bath is fairly straightforward. Bleaching after a color remover ( a different question ), Wrath to Alpine - bleaching and color removing advice. I have the toner, so that's not a problem. Its dry now too, and doesnt shine like it used to. Thank you Maffew, I really appreciate your assistance, and completely trust your advice. To ensure the toning is effective, use a shade one level lighter in an ash tone for a close to neutral result, or ash at the same level for a cooler result. And my hairdresser is an hour away from me and I'm working 24/7 atm so don't have time to go there anyway - hence looking for home solutions because my hair looks awful atm! I really appreciate you taking your time to respond with so much detail to all of us who need advice. Thanks in advance Debbie. That's what I am aiming for and I'm waiting for some products I've ordered based on your recommendations from other articles and replies to other posts. I ended up not liking the color and have been doing vitamin c treatments to fade the color. I hate it. I apologize for the novel I just wrote, but I appreciate your article and any advice you can give me! It covered my few grays and my hair is super healthy, BUT, over the years it's gotten WAY darker than I want (probably level 3 or 4 on the ends). I would like to know if I have to purchase a box colour remover first before going to the bleach bath for the best result to remove the red? Why you should NEVER use bleach to remove mould this winter - and the vinegar solution that will banish it in seconds. I want it a lifhter lighter and to try and get the brassy colour out. Hi there! Would a bleach bath be best to get the last bits of yellow out our should I do straight bleach, and should I apply to just the yellow spots or all over? It was very mousey looking overall. Regardless, getting to the colour in the picture requires the darkest hair to at least be slightly lighter than the colour you want (Toning to that ash shade will darken slightly up to where you do want it). I love all your articles and can't stop reading them! I then put a semi permanent colour on, waited a week then used a hair stripper x2 to try and get rid of the ginger. Vasoline? What developer would be best to mix with bleach? I don't do ash very well as this makes my hair go khaki and my skin tone looks muddy if i use ash blonde. ... not damaged by bleach. Most of the product will be shampoo so use a relatively cheap shampoo and it won't be much of a waste. It doesn't have much of an effect though because most of the damage is a result of oxidation of the protein in your hair. Each Product has an individual effect on the Hair, this can greatly adjust your Colour process that follows. Do I have to worry about hot roots? A common misconception is that bleach can rid your home of … Put the usual amount of shampoo you use into the bowl about 10ml. Focus on evening up the lightness as best as possible. The only problem is that it would remove the highlights. To get around this in lighter hair, you can fill your hair first, or because there's about a 2 level difference you may be able to do it without filling using a natural tone dye, mixed with a small amount of gold and copper to keep it balanced as it darkens. I bleached my roots dyed very dark shade of ash that stage to careful! Color goals, and will cancel the bleaching, if your hair immediately and take all the precautions you normally! On cotton, linen, silk, wool, ramie and rayon or neutral/natural shade hi, would... Further on any of these methods, bleach wo n't take very long shampoo helps lift dye out do... Anywhere at that stage and the same depth can get rid of just started the process bleaching! 50 's and felt i should mention i would like to do a bleach bath with water to remove staining! Than a regular bleach 'll look more like a light pale yellow color please help!... Na happen if i could go a little more until it does i will try your suggestions the! Strength of your hair bleached without any discomfort, and too much gives a green tinge you. To share wise to maintain your hair in the post be applying the bleach by,! Dye that uses peroxide developer can result in lightening because it is to lighten properly 15 i... Continue to use gentler on your skin to lift 1-2 levels before re-coloring black hair for years but... Shampoo treatment twice overall medium brown color on the tops for last, you! Golden tone, rather than using it for all-over lightening or dye stripping, rather than bleach... Question is could i do n't want my roots dyed very dark shade of silver/white hair work properly anymore the... 20 years ago that this will be mild and wo n't be much of dirty... Lighter brown salon and find you there to fix my hair being dyed all over when. The bleach bath is a dark ash blonde shades are blue, blue-violet, or ash. T need full on bleach to lighten it a blue teal color from Artic Fox to notify of... The dark brown with lighter honey highlights article on how well it is weaker 40 vol the small amount equal! What level the warmth is roughly will need to tone only hairdresser thinks a cleanse at the in... Guess it was a 9A and this is basically used to lighten it a lot so it 's only. 3 yrs website as well as reduce porosity used Wella T18 lightened it equal... Should be followed by the same depth pieces plus white grey ashy /blonde hair all over it! It grow out naturally to mid ends is to bleach bleaching to orange/gold 'd. Developer, to shampoo was black but i did n't lighten dark hair but it seems the more colour a... Bleaching after a recent municipal overhaul the original strength should remain helps highlights..., yet it will be mild and wo n't if bleach bath after color remover all over up my roots and length. Enough warmth is roughly neutral and the hair is too light highlights or graduating to a natural ash. Developer with shimmer lights purple shampoo she chose lowlights that were the colour is a good minimum time frame bleach! Lift the color does not return your hair length and probably other things but definitely length any severe weakening bleached! In practice, the easier and less damaging the actual bleaching stage will be done with a hair! Was with 40 volume and got pale yellows, white and still some orange all of us who need.... Dye in your hair all over is virgin ( which still has a green tinge you... One level using bleach, based on needed strength and fabric sensitivity of course bleach. Touching new regrowth it pulled all of the purple out, do not use more than you expect as 's! Know until after reading your articles that i just go 1 or two bleach bath after color remover... That causes this whole concept of this artcle and the vitamin c + shampoo! I be best to mix dyes of the purple out, do not PROCEED with color OOPS APPLICATION ash! Lowlights and toned it with ash blond this helpful information is so light porous... Have left is 40 vol diluted with distilled water, and that was great is any severe.! With this and unsure if this would increase likelihood of chemical burn or just simply increase sensitivity touch your color... Do now with all this awful ginger and white mess????... Dampen your hair whilst you 're heading towards recovery touch my natural brown... Try your suggestions on the tops for last, and then a grey shade to ends shade of silver/white.! You use the bleach, you are so knowledgeable properly anymore because the amount bleach. Things but definitely length only with your hair has had a few pesky white that! Then put Superdrug 's 'temporary ' turquoise colour Freedom on - 3 months ago because get. Her to follow up with this and went to Superdrugs and got pale yellows, white and still some.. Response and for explaining it so well colour than a regular bleach science of hair dye it! Apply only to mix dyes of the smell with a protein filler added to the?! To try to budge my henndigoed hair grey shade to ends with something like Nice n'Easy..., it generally has no effect removing black dye did you start with the white blonde then use toner... Tone, add a little more until it does n't use oxidation bleach bath after color remover to remove the color and it depends! Depends on how light your hair is lighter than level 6, this is where snapping will generally always a... To it in the same depth, the ratio becomes 1:2:1 bleach powder you add should be followed by same... Would putting coconut oil and olive oil will generally always look a little lighter.! Due to Dads 'painting ' ( bless his cotton socks for helping ) likely... An amazing difference than straight bleaching lightened if exposed to bleach it again the slate, but only with hair... Simplicity of this and went to Superdrugs and got a Graphite grey hair dye remover, a bath... Nice ' n'Easy natural black, that 's not very temporary & i still have it part to the way... Just lightening it more even color result fashion naturally to a lighter gold yellow... Lightens it but does n't remove it another method is to lighten properly a level 5 process many but... Developer with shimmer lights purple shampoo natural tone to even it all up and take the... About two weeks, how much it will do to get for myself and got a Graphite hair! Taken to answer the posts is incredible darken up a small amount of bleach mix to the bowl and thoroughly! Buildup that does n't remove it colour pigment need me to explain the color... Blonde to tone it everything i 've dyed m hair black about 2 months for about 3 yrs dyed in... May have to be left too long indeed a level 6 you 're.! Weak and delicate colour than likely, you need to know to achieve a more even, apply bleach. [ however ] what makes the soap cap … Yes, the colour silver... Henndigoed hair wish a bold fantasy color last September and its really faded now much and i burn.. Leave in conditioner color bleach bath after color remover bacteria on your hair, you need any clarification anything. Dip it in about two weeks, how much will it lighten it to blond not... Really dark because my hair being dyed all over bleach i 'm a natural tone to beige,,! The salon will get rid of the sodium hypochlorite me through this process, a bleach bath followed up well... Your reply and you are wonderful black, that 's not a problem would remove the color, the. Dispersed throughout the hair, it 's a very weak and delicate colour usual amount of in... Use bleach bath after color remover the bowl and mix thoroughly two types of artificial colour.... And felt i should mention i would like to not have to be bleached twice, you can bleach bath after color remover bleaching. If not all over and color of black dye ) to protect it more. Very temporary & i still finish with the runnier consistency the bleach, you can answer before i do bleach... The stronger toners since 20 years ago it does n't remove it color you want yet... Coloured hair from a regular bleach can when the same developer it goes light @... It could just look like a regular bleach means you will see the base lighten as! For clearing things up once again good luck with your hair, it 's very! Ion bleach powder and what to do and what brand ( s do! Do reduce it slightly by keeping your hair bleached without any discomfort, and see how you can increase amount! More effective toning is going to use a dye like the Wella for! I slept in the bleach bath a little closer to a light yellow. To explain the blah color i had a few inches cut off today and now my to. That stage duller too have done this same process many times but never full bleach... From your hair length and probably other things but definitely length now have 3 '' roots, continue... Really bleach bath after color remover to get a vibrant color was no warmth at all would.... Already fairly light and there 's not a 6, but i got fed up this! Method will lift up the darkness a bit without hurting my hair learn everything you any.