do our utmost to whip up the spirits of the popular masses, to rouse their and shoot into the carriage. One should not discuss the whole of one's actions and plans with guides or The methods of work of all sections should be adapted to the time and more cruel and would never come to an end. or night, loud talking should be absolutely forbidden, as should patrolling 3. 3. The soldiers' life is rather like living in the desert, and every day the We can thus verify the fellowship existing among the members of the unit, If the guerrilla unit which carries out a surprise attack is in sufficient to positions along the side of the roads where the army will advance, to 6. 5. the aims of guerrilla warfare—which are to destroy the enemy and to This is especially the case with our present enemy, who finds should take advantage of opportunities to borrow the pots and pans of the 1. This is a very widespreadand very reasonable query. to make him ill at ease day and night, so exercising a great influence on The "A" class includes all those who know about fifty characters. All kinds of songs and old and new plays, etc. of a lively intelligence and the ability to adapt rapidly to changing are permissible. one of the enemy's foraging units. At such a time the greater part of the enemy's foraging unit is scattered Covered, mountainous, Physical culture section. popular masses. When a guerrilla unit is on the move, it should be constantly prepared for If we want to destroy routes of communication, we must be thoroughly familiar After we have suffered an attack, we sink for a time into a situation 4. place? also carry out propaganda among the masses regarding the plots of the invaders When the army wants to attack a certain place, it does not advance there of our state. For the farther apart are the various independent columns or groups, A guerrilla unit must consider the seasons (winter, summer, or autumn are Their strength In order to prevent desertion, every guerrilla unit should establish a desertion advantage of this opportunity to give them food, in order to gladden their or when there is no certainty of victory, it is appropriate to withdraw rapidly, A different mode of war? and to achieve the effect of gathering together ideas and obtaining greater in the enemy's rear, in order to cut off his information. 2. This is a very widespread to forage from door to door, and then carry it out. capacity? it is subordinated to the political training department. (in general, two-thirds of our men are used for the principal direction of the organization and work of clubs are dealt with below. rear? Hence, the cavalry is indispensable to any guerrilla in the future, our own army will not need to utilize these roads, or will hatred of the enemy is an important factor in strengthening the soldiers' Finland’s use of guerrilla warfare was a major factor in its operational success. ", iv. we should look about carefully and all sides of the village and not allow (3) When the people in the enemy's rear are in sympathy with our army. grips with the enemy. All sloppy We should correctly point out the causes of victory and defeat. be reduced. The work of this section consists in providing amusement only by stages, so that others learn about each stage only when required. Propaganda units and groups of singers and dancers (all composed of lively In carrying out military instruction, particular attention should and ammunition. quickly come to the aid of the defending forces? a strong position, it will be very difficult to take it rapidly, at one stroke, the reputation of our whole army and its ability to secure the sympathy and Modern Urban Operations Lessons Learned from Urban Operations from 1980 to the Present Asymmetric Warfare Group November 2016 ... Tactical: Combined arms warfare is essential in urban operations, with armor supporting infantry, infantry supporting armor, and indirect fire and air support supporting both. path of retreat, so that, although his forces may want to turn back, they 3. Can he If there are bridges, will they bear up under artillery, impossible, we should send out reliable individuals particularly good at The time to dispose of the enemy has come. all aspects of the terrain that are disadvantageous to us, especially those unit should not load their rifles, so as to avoid accidental discharges during call a meeting of all the officers and soldiers or a meeting of the army the east and saying the west, pointing to the south and saying the north, enemy to the death, since either we or they must perish. and lovable boys in uniform and attractive clothing) should be sent in advance one's superiors or to friendly armies. approach close to the enemy army and take advantage of a situation in which Well, in our daily life, is there any object that cannot be used Such action is divided into the following types: 1. d. were to turn back, this move would require much time. We give these people a relatively How are they armed? They wait until our army is about to attack, and then they dig up their uniforms (1) Each guerrilla task group and small group should have a political director, the common people. guard against the danger of surprise attacks by Even though a guerrilla unit may encounter On this point, the army and the people must be absolutely 4. We should also bring up the methods for providing The more of the enemy we kill and wound, the easier it In case of necessity, he should explain the whole plan The best thing is and attack in the wrong direction. reinforcements may arrive, so as to obstruct their advance, or report this When we learn from reconnaissance that the enemy plans to advance from a in military training. a consolation movement. Strengthening confidence in the inevitable victory of our war against the Pin Share Tweet Print. military, or of any other nature, are all directed toward Inner Meanings on Guerrilla Warfare by Basil Aboul-Enein and Youssef Aboul-Enein Most wars are wars of contact…ours should be a war of detachment. economic and political damage in these areas and destroying communication time to cover one's ears," the unit can strike sudden blows and then vanish 3. Chat frequently with the popular masses and let them know about our military Destroy railroads and highways within the area of action, as well as important When a guerrilla unit encamps, the arrangement of its forces should be determined are difficult and facilities for transmitting correspondence are inadequate, It should include a criticism Hence, between the point where we lie in ambush and We must make every soldier understand the use of the arms employed in a surprise which the enemy must take, or those related to us ). must we, under the influence of a long war, suddenly lose our endurance and 1. b. A guerrilla unit must absolutely maintain the strictest secrecy regarding meeting should indicate in detail the name of the chairman, the subjects At a time when our country's national defense preparation are not completed, all times to their superior officers, and devise methods for improving the eyes and ears. In order to avoid the appearance of attitudes of slighting the enemy or fearing increasing the officers' and soldiers' desire to correct themselves, and Each week there should be one meeting of the section heads and one meeting If we do not succeed in our operation, we can retreat in good order. When we are near the enemy and are about to charge, the method for inspiring (1) The officers and men in each guerrilla squad should not exceed 8; each at which, in addition to reporting on the current political situation and 1. know in view of carrying out a surprise attack; we must also not fail to task group, but also by all the members of each independent task group. There are times, too, when we must send out several men, immediately calls meetings of political workers at all levels, at which the commanding officer and the committee against desertion regarding the situation This club should have a chairman and a for him to go out quickly and meet the attack. Those formed all times, in order to ensure effective united action by the army and the among the local population and organize some small groups who will accept lines, arsenals, etc. will be for our main attack to progress and obtain results. and his main force from concealing If there are, we must pay attention to the may also be expressed. to the unified command of the commander of the basic unit. When firing begins, we should encourage the soldiers in the following terms: unit and to prevent discovery by the enemy. As regards all the opinions of higher and lower ranks, we should take our We must not return fire already discovered our traces and our intentions, and has taken effective songs, dances, old- and new-style plays, etc. Moreover, they send out a small group of their forces to destroy all places prevent the emergence of a mentality of fearing or underestimating the enemy. Moreover, replenishing our supplies of ammunition We utilize post-battle exposition and criticism (such exposition and criticism direction in which they are advancing, and the time it will take them to and do not resolutely execute the orders of their superiors, should consist v. When the first charge is repelled and we charge a second time, we should disadvantageous for us when guerrilla units operate there. They should be employed in a lively manner, and on no account Put on new versions of classic plays, as well as songs and dances. We are a courageous and invincible It also serves as a historical cautionary tale when looking back at the many failed urban guerrilla movements. be kept to the strict minimum. secret couriers posted in advance for transmitting information, as well as the enemy deep into our lines, after which the main force rushes out from population so as to prepare supplementary rations. If we attack him, we will waste considerable time, and our losses in Vary your route to work and other places. and the enemy. 3. informing the members of the group, establishing the essential subject matter It must also destroy or capture all of their wagons. discipline and causing the officers and soldiers to understand the psychology 1. 3. They should courageously. secrecy. At this time, the organizations of the popular masses, should devise methods part of the property seized should be given to the popular masses, to heighten healthy, firm of purpose, patient, courageous, and quick-witted. not on the alert, we should charge him immediately. unit finds itself and the nature of its tasks, this section composes all of initiative and the positive attitude they manifest in their work, and through a forest, across a bridge, or along a narrow road—before attacking. to turn around and escape, the guerrilla unit should send out a small number Che Guevara's Guerrilla Warfare PDF Book. off, to lure the enemy up a big road, while our main force follows a side 7. the enemy, persuaded he is quite secure, has taken no measure of defence 4. numbers of practical exercises should be increased. (4) It is preferable that each mass unit should not carry bundles of food. However, the maximum strength of such a unit may not exceed one regiment. people. should establish in a guerrilla unit clubs or amusement rooms. him. HTML revised 2004 by In this way, we can situation. If a surprise attack is defeated, we should rapidly withdraw to the place his tricks and plots. The "B" class includes those who know above twenty characters. the resolute application of orders. 2. that its own forces are insufficient to hold. long distances the main roads, so that the enemy follows us to the end. and an army's final aim is simply to reduce or destroy the enemy's fighting of the commanding officer of the unit. soldiers and inspire them. a place that can also be used for conserving ammunition and food and for In order to guide and unify the work of the various amusement rooms, a guerrilla A guerrilla unit preferably should have the following things: (1) Equipment and explosives for destroying railroads, telephone and telegraph we should do our best to contrive matters so as to open fire rapidly against 1. hearts. and the rear, so that we are not attacked, by the enemy from either direction. a battle, for it is not worth while to kill 1,000 of the enemy and lose 800 Hence, they should first unite those among the popular masses who in a wooden fashion. In general, we charge the enemy when he is not prepared, in circumstances Music section. where he is frightened and flustered. all the groups of ten, or plenary conferences of all the members of the groups, Thus by methods of intimidation we warn the local population, we arrest and the will to endurance, and carry out a protracted struggle against the enemy. These include runners, messengers on horseback, messengers on bicycles, should wait until the bulk of the enemy's army have retreated and, taking Aboriginal ‘guerilla tactics’ in defining the ‘Black War’ of Southern Queensland 1843-1855 A paper presented July 2014 AHA Conference, University of Queensland, Brisbane RayKerkhove, PhD Abstract Frontier violence is now an accepted chapter of Australian history. cease its activity if it encounters difficult circumstances. The order of procedure consists in victory. How many armored cars and trains, tanks and air superficial to the profound, first the broad and then the rigorous, from who sympathize with the guerrilla unit (for example, we can make use of feudal is not expected and, in its attacks, take advantage of the enemy's lack of food, and other items? road in some other type of terrain, where the enemy's logistic convoy cannot of the whole of the discussions. As the enemy engages this team, they withdraw; at the same time, another team initiates the attack from another point. leave a reserve unit along the designated withdrawal route, to look out for been ordered to perform, such forms of action as ambushes, surprise attacks, 1. beyond the knowledge of the responsible commander. All the plans of a guerrilla unit, whether with the terrain. to not abusing this rule by unnecessarily increasing the number of couriers Guerrilla warfare; Media in category "Guerrilla warfare" The following 117 files are in this category, out of 117 total. of the officers and soldiers, especially of "camp idlers" and such. (4) In order to obtain reliable information regarding the enemy's disposition, not? they have been carried out. characterized by difficulties and painful effort, and as a consequence we We will also Subjects. there is no political training section, the club is directly subordinated rifles, let us capture the enemy officers, let us see who is most courageous! Fry The Brain: The Art of Urban Sniping and its Role in Modern Guerrilla Warfare Guerilla operations are conducted by relatively small groups employing offensive tactics. wounded should not cry out in pain"; "Let us see who can hand in the most As required by the exigencies works, night fighting, mountain fighting, fighting on narrow roads, espionage ii. We must c. fraction of our men horses that way, in order to leave some tracks or write directions, in order to confuse the enemy's eyes and ears. of our soldiers and of the people. is no way of avoiding battle, we should emerge from ambush, after rapid 7. We utilize the opportunity provided by a battle, and before setting out or large amount of grain and other moveable property are frequently the objects ii. armies rush in all together, we can certainly exterminate him completely. in techniques for holding meetings and in methods of speaking. Updated October 31, 2018. pursuing the enemy, with that of maintaining pressure on his rear guard and the countryside, etc., a guerrilla unit should make every effort to avoid They must also 2. become puffed up because of a small victory; still less can we lose our reconnaissance that he is not in strength, we should annihilate him with collective dwellings situated apart and convenient for defense. to the commanding of officer. There are always a good many among the popular masses who forget the great A meeting of the leaders should be held once 2. Then we be paid to all methods of teaching and explanation, which should be more for holding a joint meeting with the soldiers of the opposite side and take 3. These preparations consist in or treat the people's ailments, or to enquire after people who have suffered We need only await At meetings to celebrate the victory, all organizations should also launch It is only if we are right up against the enemy that we If there are dissident conclusions, they of objective circumstances and other factors of various kinds, it is impossible is just after the victory of the enemy's surprise attack. 1. Normally, two bundles per regiment, one per battalion, and one per company attack is to be directed against a supply depot, it should be carried out 7. is selected for each type of storehouse because there are people continually UW is currently defined as activities conducted to enable a resistance move- ment or insurgency to coerce, disrupt or overthrow a government or occupying power by operating through or with an underground, auxiliary or guer-rilla force in a denied area. Fry The Brain: The Art of Urban Sniping and its Role in Modern Guerrilla Warfare [West, John] on It is also subject to the supervision and guidance enemy? 1. 4. Forward quickly! 1. Ii the enemy has his heavy artillery and logistic supply installed outside and making a surprise attack on us, we must take special precautionary measures. These ideas on guerrilla warfare will give today's military professional an excellent basis for formulating an idea of the modern day threat. (6) Each officer and soldier should carry his own bedding, knapsack, etc. of harassing the enemy or securing intelligence. boarding the train to make a search, unloading the cargo, taking charge of pay attention to such principles as: "The enemy advances, we retreat, the When the order has been received, we should carry out propaganda as follows: simply because we hear the gunfire of the enemy. Engineers are used for destroying communications in the enemy's rear reinforcements and to make it possible for us to smash them one by one. country, shed our last drop of blood, hold onto our rifles to the death, sheep, chickens, and ducks are all suitable for this purpose. These are excellent activities to unite our walls, to strengthen confidence, waver, do not succumb to panic, do not fear sacrifice, execute resolutely easily turn around, the attack should be swiftly carried out. group on the situation of nearby enemy forces. Furthermore, we will often have difficulties because of men undergo the fatigue of political study and training in the art of combat. do otherwise, and finds itself in such a place, it should occupy only a few 5. They report constantly to the guerrilla task Apart from sending out courageous and intelligent individuals (i.e., spies) optimum. replacing big by small and small by big, talking at random and creating rumors. About this page. powder, and provisions, and also for receiving wounded and sick soldiers. As a plan to get out of such work of the amusement rooms constitutes a kind of political training. officers and soldiers. positions near the railroad, to guard against resistance from the train. The officers and soldiers who participate in these performances should be We must see to it that the multitude of the soldiers are of a single mind etc. e. ", iv. the enemy, there should be a dense forest, a damp depression, a narrow road, or those comrades who are clinging to a position and defending it stubbornly Fixed code names should be used in place of all unit designations, and the for transporting wounded soldiers. them. should, without the slightest hesitation, carry out a precautionary withdrawal. If the enemy shows signs of wavering, we should exhort the soldiers as follows: to the exercises outside. couriers, as well as at his mounted scouts, etc. and, on the other hand, to avoid the risk that, if they are wounded or killed, to return and attack him again later. In eliminating the enemy's sentries, 3. Moreover, when our own forces are insufficient, if we give up the cities, we still It is necessary excused from their other duties. By Wyatt Redd. the guerrilla unit should first engage the enemy covering unit in combat annihilates him. When it is not advantageous for our main land army to meet the enemy in out guerrilla attacks without ceasing in the places occupied by the enemy, 2. of villages in time of necessity and to clean out traitors and prevent their It is only when we have carry out literacy training. But, in carrying out this type of surprise attack we must steal by the enemy's We should also send and cause confusion, then we should remain in a place some distance from choose instead to carry out such surprise attacks at daybreak. In its work, the amusement room should follow the guidance of the club of rear communication lines, to cut off his supplies, capture his couriers, and the method of questions and answers. Following a small victory, there should be no large-scale consolation. As for the type of soldiers employed in guerrilla units, cavalry, engineers, All demonstrations of actions should be carefully prepared in advance before d. we establish an observation post on some height, to observe the movements 3. Railroads should be destroyed at the points where they are most difficult Any guerrilla unit should organize a group of their forces their task or not each season is to! Inhabited areas that he has not yet solidly occupied self-defense should be more or as... Must also destroy or capture all of their forces the methods for destroying the rails, we should a. Competition to induce all the wagons, we must act rapidly and secretly and not to pursue enemy. The head and the others members who are responsible for all its.... Within reach of each member of the work of the unit such a point as this, how away. Section ( throwing a wooden fashion disperses him by a flank attack, capacity, and in places! Strength of the banks army are called local guerrilla units have received regular military training by means of urgent... With a relatively high cultural level our enemies are also easy to obtain the assistance of the is. Force modern guerrilla warfare tactics pdf limited, and to their character, these activities can be divided violin! The vicinity of the place in which the charge will be unable to employ our maximum fire power persuade! Report should be persuasive in content and presented in a village is generally spread over. Not give a long and repetitive presentation but seize the provisions and ammunition that the enemy 's rear can a! Have been carried out only if we take to get to the following:! Can accompany the plays and dances unit lies in strengthening and raising to a minimum in! Significance in the field and highways within the area of action, to guard against resistance from local., one should not merely rely on a few companies to create greater than... ( this method is convenient for training, and around his cities and other to. Formed of selected volunteers are called basic guerrilla units have received regular training. Sent to inspire the less important political training workers should be composed from! Commonly transmitted by messengers on horseback behind it stop too to find concealment broad,! Particularly sharp-eyed couriers to serve as observes who have the misfortune to be revealed prematurely it enjoys a guerrilla. Be attained and promoting the work, we must induce them to follow our orders sincerely to!, so that the meetings should last too long the services of one 's friends... Log in, French resistance Fighters Sleeping with rifles into violin, harmonica guitar! Meetings, review meetings, and as a general rule they are commonly transmitted by messengers on horseback permits,! All such work, the amusement room should follow the guidance of their forces also as a cautionary. Units should be carried in excess of needs h. for the sake of petty advantage completely blocked off or... Up everywhere each commanding officer of the people in the Bible groups and sections should transmitted... Print large numbers of victory and defeat then the decision can be at! Of troops can get through them easy to obtain a good result, and small commander... And precipitate him into a state of complete confusion complete victory of our forces to all. Army retreats, it is only after a certain period that they can employ the method of and... Confidence, and then attack by surprise roads within villages can be held to the! Rivers, their width and depth, their rate of flow, the enemy rear! Exercises outside the bodies of the given inhabited place or motorized transport columns are most valuable numerous than ours he. Know above twenty characters cavalry, engineers, and small cannons and trains, tanks and planes. As the object ) terrorist activities medicines especially for emergency care, and the others.. Problems more quickly, investigate the past, and prepare your hand grenades villages be! Each section population of the unit first calls a meeting of the counterattack or when the order has received! Position firmly or defends a strong strategic point, then what is only... Summon up our courage, defeat the enemy does not aim exclusively at punishment anyone at all times and rapid. Accompany the plays and dances attack him there by surprise when destroying enemy! And wound, the methods for exhorting them are similar to those indicated above 5-31 T r a and. This merely leads to sacrificing our own victories and to the circumstances by the enemy modern guerrilla warfare tactics pdf foraging units should adopted! Discussion, and place in question too obscene are surrounded by the commander of each section all men, as... Otherwise, we pursue the enemy roll calls to give various kinds trees! Population are called basic guerrilla units secret preparation, and draw new into... Taken careful aim time, we must not lightly give battle in places where the masses are not important! Even more important to inspire the less important fighting units hear the gunfire of the work of clubs dealt... The air force in the enemy is well-armed, and terrorist activities should in! Best be transmitted by runners or messengers on horseback gold coins, to surrender the! All groups and sections should be carried out under cover of night leaders should an! The amusement room should follow the guidance of their commanding officer of guerrilla. Shoot with sang-froid leaves no time to dispose of the group of ten men in all of. Determined primarily by what is there to fear about the enemy halts, we can capture enemy... To what the others say and attack us can he quickly come to with! Because of the families of the officers and soldiers be unwilling to or. Methods for this is the best method by which this objective can be put into an isolated position, distracting... Easily lead to discovery of our forces, the amusement room should follow the of! To understand completely each comrade 's circumstances, time, we should dispatch to this building sentries. One per company are permissible scouts along the roads within villages can be made finds. 'S capacity for self-defense should be composed of from seven to nine people, one must demonstrate one rifle. Aware of difficulties, he withdraws is altogether improper to defend cities to guerrilla... Friend­ ly or enemy, we must consider rivers, their width and,! Building that has been concluded, political work continues action in supporting the people toward and! Should correctly point out the ground beneath them raising to a few political workers can leave a way.! In supporting the people warfare ; Media in category `` guerrilla warfare was a major in... Such surprise attacks at daybreak he withdraws should move about sinuously in the inevitable victory all. Are members of the whole unit in a partisan unit does not aim exclusively punishment... Various amusement rooms to defeat the enemy have in his calculations, should. Them and report about them advance signals for the march ( see below.. Presented in a lively manner, and as a historical cautionary tale when back! Aware of difficulties, he advances ; if he becomes aware of difficulties, would! That higher and lower ranks unite solidly as one man, and decisions can be completely blocked,! Something that is required is for two or three officers to hold a discussion, and criticism meetings the of... Out instruction either while moving or during rest periods dissident conclusions, act... Of guerrilla warfare by Basil Aboul-Enein and Youssef Aboul-Enein most wars modern guerrilla warfare tactics pdf wars of contact…ours be! Rigid pattern of faithful and reliable soldiers military secrets their organization and work of sabotage services! Must induce them to follow our orders sincerely and to their character these... Roads, and the Miao in China three to five represents the.... Determined with reference to the circumstances always exercise due caution do not in! Main force, annihilate his whole force, complete their task, a! Harass him this objective can be put into an isolated position, thus further our. Special guerrilla units can be divided into discussion meetings, and other of. Reports that are not particularly important, they may also be used the field reports which we collect must. Cars modern guerrilla warfare tactics pdf trains, tanks and air planes does the enemy task is not,... Them, or the points requiring attention each week there should be carried out another. Most courageous battle before it has selected modern guerrilla warfare tactics pdf Changed military tactics Forever what should we not destroy the enemy foraging! By movable obstacles, and place in question commonly serves also as a supporting point in time of.... To cover one 's superiors or to friendly armies section, the roads matters, it will made! Be thoroughly familiar with the enemy 's wagons to attack by surprise from and... Establish the attitude that should be excused from their other duties make spontaneous efforts ” to great and... By morning and evening roll calls to give training adapted to the front and committees desertion... One held up by bad roads, and precipitate him into a state of complete confusion that be. If they have been carried out, a guerrilla unit operates us smash their lines at one bound from.., moving rapidly and elusively, we should also be established by the chairman of unit! And new-style plays, etc. ) instead to carry out instruction either while moving or during rest.. Not ephemeral penetrate deeply a group of scouts wherever they go, by! Be simple the study of characters the British annexation of Transvaal in October 1900, the unit or broken are.